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Our Space

Our physical home is a representation of our body & life. By understanding the different areas we can see ourselves more clearly & influence the energies. Where there is mess, there is confusion. Where it's clean it's healthy. If we want to enhance, we can deliberately place items. By being aware & using symbolism we can have more control over our environment & life. 

Directions/corners in your house:

East = fire, energy, rise, hot, choice, action, what you do, how you act, wands in tarot

South = emotions, feelings, communication, water, listening, what you see, how you feel, cups in tarot

West = Reality, physicality, money, health, what you receive,  how you look, disks in tarot

North = thought, spirit, logic, thinking, cold, private, concealed, what you think about, how you understand, swords in tarot

Rooms/areas in your house:

Entrance = barrier/what is allowed in/place protective items (or salt)

Passage/hallway = throat/expression/communication

Bedroom = rest/recuperate/relax

Kitchen = nourishment/nurture/care

Living Room = activity/what you do/entertainment

Bathroom = cleanse/release toxins/rejuvenate

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