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A2 (42 x 59.4cm)

High Quality Photography Print on Luxury Paper


'Time to Shine' is a one of a kind piece created by casting a spell onto a high quality photo print. The spell was cast on the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (21/06/21). This is the result of much heart & intent. The date, the image & the symbols were all carefully chosen to create a powerful spell. A spell to bring us out of the shadows & into the light. This piece forces us to leave all fear behind & to assume total confidence so that we can shine as powerfully as the sun.

When you own this spell, the eye of Ra looks upon you. There's no holding back, it's time, TIME TO SHINE!


**Special Note**

This is a spell. Once you have it in your possession it will begin to unfold it’s message within your life, beginning with where you place it. After it has played it’s part, an opportunity will come along for it to move on to another. You will know when the right time comes. It is advised that you take it and not hold on for too long. 

Spell ~ Time to Shine

€ 99,00 Regular Price
€ 49,50Sale Price
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