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A2 (42 x 59.4cm)

High Quality Photography Print on Luxury Paper


'My Way' is a one of a kind piece created by casting a spell onto a high quality photo print. The image, the moment & the symbols were all chosen with great care & intent. The spell was cast onto the Luxfay version of the 8 of Cups from the tarot collection. The 8 of cups symbolises going your own way & choosing what you know is best for yourself. Leaving behind the advice & persuasion of others. With all our will & might we move forward now. The path is clearing & we flow our way, the right way. 


                                                               "I see the big picture,

                                                           I invite chaos & resolution,

                                                                For a new beginning,

                                                              That brings movement,




I TRUST I know the way.



**Special Note**

This is a spell. Once you have it in your possession it will begin to unfold it’s message within your life, beginning with where you place it. After it has played it’s part, an opportunity will come along for it to move on to another. You will know when the right time comes. It is advised that you take it and not hold on for too long. 

Spell ~ My Way

€ 99,00Price
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