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A2 (42 x 59.4cm)

High Quality Photography Print on Luxury Paper


'For The Love of Nature' is a one of a kind art piece created by casting a spell onto a high quality photo print. This powerful piece was created with much intention & heart. It was made on 21/12/2020 when Saturn was conjunct with Jupiter. This rare astrological alignment provided an energetic platform to cast an extremely strong spell. Every detail from the image to the date to the symbols were chosen with intent. Saturn is the teacher planet who helps us learn & grow through experience. Jupiter is the planet of expansion & luck who guides us to the right opportunity for growth. This red rose is the same red rose that was chosen and photographed for our tarot collection. This red rose symbolises the King of Cups or King of Love. Special symbols of transformation & heart were weaved to help the world, to encourage us to see, understand & care about nature differently. This powerful piece is a strong statement of transformation from the old to a new era where we cannot help but stand 'For the Love of Nature'.


**Special Note**

This is a spell unlike any other. It is a message of our era, the new era where we nurture our planet, our Earth, back to health together. This is a rare spell that is not made for one, but for all. Like with all spells, as the owner, you will know where it belongs & when or if the time is right for it to move on. 

Spell~ For The Love of Nature

€ 199,00Price
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