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Art In Progress...

"Dancing Cow' (working title)
The first element of this piece is an A2 photograph of a Highland cow. An image of her striding through the snow-covered sand dunes printed in black & white. 

B&W cow r2p small.jpg
While staring at her I could imagine how it would feel to be a large beast striding along my territory. 
To conserve the print I laid a piece of perspex on top & revelled at the spirit of the dancing cow.
The energy flew out & a spell formed.

The cow is a strong feminine force & her dance of joy amplifies the sense of unity amongst us all. 
dancing cow_edited.png
Weaving them together I used my markers & my paint to celebrate this dance.
dancing cow.jpg
She is not quite done yet. Now the practical part... creating a sturdy base from which she is displayed. 

To be continued...

Paint Cloud_edited_edited.png
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